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Dr. Rutledge and his team have spent the last few years researching, funding, shooting, editing and creating this movie and now that it's finally finished, we need your help to get it seen. To call this movie a passion project is an understatement and at this point, its success depends on you. While the movie is finding a distributor, the best thing we can do is begin raising awareness of this film. To do that, invite your friends to "Like" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, leave comments on our blog, share our videos, join our mailing list, get your friends to join our mailing list, add a banner to your personal websites, whatever you can do to start the discussion. As the path of this movie unfolds, keep checking back right here for pdf flyers you can print out and distribute. There is no major studio behind this eye-opening film, and its success depends on word of mouth and you.

THIS MOVIE IS NOT BEING FUNDED BY ANY ENTITY OTHER THAN DR. RUTLEDGE HIMSELF. Time and again, Dr. Rutledge has been asked, "who is funding your film?" The answer is, "no one!" Every penny spent on this film has come from the doctor's own pockets. If you would like to contribute money to help spread the word, we have set up a simple to use PayPal donation link below. This is NOT a non-profit or a tax write off, but an opportunity to help raise the awareness this film needs to succeed. No donation is too small. In the future, we will be able to sell the movie and other merchandise to help offset some of the production and marketing costs, but in the meantime, we are humbly accepting donations.

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