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This film depicts the cruel deceitful manner in which all great crimes against humanity are perpetrated - in broad daylight. It explores science, political SCAMS, overpopulation, racism, and genocide which surround the oldest disease known to man - Malaria. On this world journey, I saw firsthand how the cold stroke of a government pen can trump sound scientific evidence. It can be done and IS done in the name of "environmental protection" and we the people take the rap. WE have to pay. WE pay because we do not look closely... We do not investigate... We set aside "common sense" and settle for the grind in the belly while attempting to console ourselves with empty political rhetoric which is dutifully regurgitated "to save the planet". 

The results? Deadly…

Were the American people SCAMMED yet again by their very own Government??

This is an ugly, untold story that never should have had to be told - the story that never should have been… 

This is the story of billions of men, women, and children who need a voice. I have, with much turmoil, become that voice. This is the story of how a few white men in Washington wiped out black, brown and yellow peoples, millions of innocent men, women, and children - continuing this very day... This very hour... 

We, as a caring people have grown lethargic, numb like as we fear making a move to right a gross injustice hatched and perpetrated on our behalf in America. The war babies, now our mothers and fathers - bought the hype, seeded it, and scattered it. Now the stench is OURS to address and deal with for it is surely dealing with us, even if we are not fully aware as of yet how karma works. Nations have karma too... As Americans, we suffer for what was and still IS done in our name and we simply cannot continue to turn away from it any more... 

We do not need yet another environmental hoax... Yes, they lied to us about DDT too. I know... I couldn't believe it either! I could not even finish the film for so long because, just like you, I was "in denial" and just knew that my government had done a good thing by ridding the world of what was said to be "one of the dirty dozen". My dad is a farmer and said DDT was ok, but I thought he just wanted to continue using something bad for the environment... And besides, who believes their parents anyway?!? 

Do not just believe me. Do as I did, get to the truth for yourself - so you are not setting yourself up for yet another SCAM job! 

By popular demand and a total lack of interest, get it that not giving a crap is old news and boring! Therefore, it has been canceled... NOW is the appointed time to wake up and do what is right for our greatest natural resources - men, women, and children.

- Dr. Rutledge



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