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Dr. Rutledge Writer, Producer, Director

Growing up on the family farm in Mississippi, Dr. Rutledge began his fascination and budding knowledge of chemicals at an early age. He quickly developed a probing, passionate interest in chemical and biological analysis pertaining to the environment. He went on to receive his BA in Biology and Chemistry at Delta State University and his medical degree at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his residency in traditional General Medicine and Family Practice at The University of Alabama. Dr. Rutledge has built a Los Angeles based preventative and anti-aging medical practice that combines a unique blend of traditional and alternative therapies aimed at thwarting cell death. His cutting edge quality cellular feed products were developed solely by him. He uses initial blood, urine, saliva, and stool assessments to literally "map out" levels of possible cellular damage due to current levels of free radical oxidative body stressors, vitamins, co-factors, minerals, trace minerals, etc., that may contribute to chronic disease later in life. He uses one of only two unique test laboratory facilities of their kind in the US. He tests all products in development on himself and eventually makes them available to thankful patients and customers alike. From Dr. Rutledge’s adeptness at chemical analysis and assessing enzyme and biochemical pathways in the body, he has developed a cellular feed Age-Less nutrition company. Products include, Smart Nutrient Formula, Multi-Nutrient Formula, Lipozyme digestive enzyme, NightKap - a popular natural sleep aid, a revolutionary fat loss program - Better Than Lipo? that not only rids the body of cellular harmful toxins due to excessive weight gain but it also helps correct the psychology of food addiction. With his personal quest focused on prevention, rather than cure, his reputation and abilities in biology and chemicals have attracted patients from all over the globe. He continuously finds healthy and winning alternatives that break dependency of many prescription drugs for his patients.

Helene Udy Co-Producer

From Montreal Canada, Helene began her acting career in shows for the CBC, CTV, and GLOBAL Canadian television networks. Helene studied at Montreal’s Dome Theater school and pursued a degree in film communications at Montreal’s Dawson College while continuing her acting career in Canadian movies (Pick Up Summer, My Bloody Valentine, Pin, Dead Zone, Hog Wild among them) before moving to New York for her soap series gig on “As the World Turns”.  In Los Angeles, among the plays Helene has produced and directed, “Out in America” by Canadian writer Katie Ford won several prestigious Backstage West Awards for Production and Direction. While working as a series regular on the American CBS television series “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”, Helene formed Fatty Pictures (later to be known as 5k-Films) and began to produce and direct Feature films. She has 3 independent movies to her credit to date (The Last Blue Day, If Tomorrow Comes, Employee of the Month). She is currently producing a dark comedy feature film Zero Principle.

Aaron Krummel Cinematographer

Recently the Radio-television News Director Association honored Aaron Krummel with the very prestigious, national Edward Murrow award. Aaron has also received 15 Emmys in the last 2 years alone, in addition to 6 Golden Mike Awards. A Society of professional Journalists Award, and several National press Photographer Awards. Once a photojournalist in the News Department at Fox (XETV),Aaron now shoots, edits, and directs feature length documentaries. This award winning photojournalist has directed, shot , edited, and produced numerous (freelance) Fox television news programs, including several series on Africa and Mexico. Krummel has most recently been praised for a project in East Africa, examining AIDS, Socialism, and Islamic culture.

Russell Boast Project Coordinator

Russell grew up in Africa and has always had a keen interest in developing and promoting cultures and intercultural relations. He studied as an actor and obtained his University Degree in English and Communications. He has spent the last 10 years dedicating himself to many aspects of the T.V. Commercial and Feature Film industry and has earned a highly sought after reputation for his work in speciality casting, talent scouting the bizarre and unusual, and location based extras casting and coordination in Africa. His latest project, “The Trail” took him to the Angolan Border in Namibia, Africa where he researched, scouted, trained and cast a rare African tribe known as the “Himba” for both featured and extras roles. Having succeeded in achieving what the Producer and Director said was: “Impossible!” he decided to move to America to broaden his experience base and look for new challenges. He has credits on some major features including Paramount Pictures - "Beyond Borders" directed by Martin Campbell, Sony Pictures - "Country of my Skull" director, John Boorman and the recently released Warner Brothers Picture - "Racing Stripes".



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